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UK gay man dies after being ‘mummified’

UK gay man dies after being ‘mummified’

A British gay man has died after being consensually wrapped in cling film during a sex session leading to dehydration and a fatal heart attack.

The fetish, mummification, involves wrapping someone up in a material like duct tape or plastic to look like an Egyptian mummy. It is generally considered safe as long as the recipient does not have their breathing obstructed.

But in this case, it led to the death of 47-year-old chef Alun Williams.

Back in August, his 45-year-old partner Richard Bowler called for an ambulance when the mummified and ketamine and methamphetamine-fueled Williams fell ill.

‘It’s a bit embarrassing. It’s my friend, he’s called Alun. I have known him for five years,’ he said in a 999 call.

‘I’m gay, he’s gay. We had a bit of a kinky sex game and he’s stopped breathing.’

The Mirror reports he added: ‘He’s on my bed, he’s wrapped up in a PVC sheet with tape and that.

‘He’s got cling film wrapped around his body and I have got a text message on my phone stating that’s what he likes.’

The emergency services told Bowler to cut open the wrapping with scissors and begin administering CPR, but it was too late.

Text messages showing Williams seeking out and agreeing to the mummification was shown to the court. A laptop proving Williams was interested in the fetish was also shown. 

Bowler, as well as his 23-year-old ‘informal carer’ David Connor who was reportedly present at the scene, are charged with Williams’ manslaughter.

They also face an alternative charge of manslaughter by gross negligence. They deny both charges.

Connor told police he had left the flat at midnight after Bowler told him he had a friend coming round, the jury heard, but had come back at one point later.

When the police arrived at 6.10am, both men were arrested.

A post-mortem examination on Williams’ body confirmed that he had died suddenly following body wrapping while under the influence of ketamine and methamphetamine.

The trial continues.