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UK High Court judge attacks gay marriage plan

Sir Paul Coleridge claims same-sex marriage equality will only help 0.1% of the population

UK High Court judge attacks gay marriage plan

A High Court judge has attacked UK government plans to legalize same-sex marriage saying they should be focusing on family breakdown.

Sir Paul Coleridge told the Times newspaper marriage equality was a ‘minority issue’.

The UK and Scottish governments are pushing ahead with plans to introduce same-sex marriage with legislation due next year. No religious bodies will be forced to wed gay couples though some will be able to opt in to doing so.

Coleridge told the Times: ‘So much energy and time has been put into this debate for 0.1% of the population, when we have a crisis of family breakdown.

‘While it is gratifying that marriage in any context is center stage… but it [gay marriage] is a minority issue.

‘We need… a more focused position by the government on the importance of marriage.’

In fact the government estimates that the gay community makes up 6% of the UK population and the move towards marriage equality is supported by the majority of people in the country.

Coleridge is behind a charity called Marriage Foundation that supports heterosexual married couples but does not have a view on marriage equality.

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