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UK holds first official Pagan gay wedding

UK holds first official Pagan gay wedding

The UK’s first official Pagan same-sex wedding took place yesterday (18 January).

Tom Lanting, 34, and Iain Robertson, 39, tied the knot (literally) in the handfasting ceremony held in Marlin’s Wynd, Edinburgh.

What once served as an interrogating room during the grisly witch hunts of the 16th century now served as the enchanting venue for the blessed couple, encompassing ancient Pagan traditions.

They cast a circle, invoked the elements, exchanged rings, drank mead out of a two handed cup called a quaich and jumped the broom.

Saying their vows, the two Hedge Witches had their hands bound forever uniting them in the eyes of their friends and family.

Speaking after their marriage ceremony, the couple of 12 years said: ‘Getting married in a legal Pagan ceremony means so much to both of us.

‘The new equal marriage law means that we finally have equal recognition and acceptance of our relationship, and it opens the door for all LGBTI couples to take the same step.

‘As Hedge Witches we always wanted to have a Pagan marriage ceremony in line with our beliefs and it was really important to us to be able to share this ceremony with our friends and family.’

Scotland, which is the only part of the UK that allows Pagan to solemnise legal marriages, allowed gay couples to start getting married from 31 December last year. There are around 50,000 Pagans in the UK.

Louise Park, the presiding officer for The Pagan Federation (Scotland), said: ‘We feel that, if any couple wish to, they should be able to make their marriage vows before their own personal Gods, friends, and family, in a religious ceremony tailored to suit their own beliefs.

‘I am absolutely over the moon to have been able to conduct Scotland’s – and the UK’s – first Pagan same-sex marriage for Tom and Iain, who hold a special place in the hearts of Scotland’s Pagan community.’

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