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UK man guilty of blackmailing married men he had sex with in parks

UK man guilty of blackmailing married men he had sex with in parks

A man has been sent to prison for seven years after pleading guilty to blackmailing two men after he had sex with them separately in a park in the West-Midlands, England.

Lee Taylor, 24, waited for his victims (who have not been named) in a public toilet in Worcester.

After they had sex, he demanded £100 ($149, €140) from them, threatening he would tell their employers and families they had tried to rape him.

Taylor met first a married man on 12 November 2014 in Gheluvelt Park. Taylor asked to be taken home in the man’s car, to which he agreed.

As reported by the Eversham Journal, prosecutor Patrick Sullivan told the court: ‘As they drove off, Taylor asked his victim for money for what had happened or he would make sure his family and his employer would know.’

The victim managed to escape without paying, unlike his second victim who drove to an ATM and paid Taylor in cash.

The second incident took place 20 November 2014 and was in the same park. The victim then told the police who managed to connect the two cases.

Taylor pleaded guilty and his attorney, Jason Aris’ defence was Taylor’s behavior was due to the fact that he was homeless and it was his only means of survival.

The judge dismissed Taylor’s apology as he had only a week before completed a four-year prison sentence for the same crime.

The judge issued a restraining order against Taylor entering Gheluvet Park and sentenced him for another seven years in prison:

‘There needs to be a deterrent not just for you but for others.’