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UK MP cuts ties to Christian gay ‘cure’ charity

UK MP cuts ties to Christian gay ‘cure’ charity

Another British MP, Liz Kendall, has pulled out of an intern program run by a homophobic Christian charity.

Kendall, who is in Labour leader Ed Milliband’s shadow minister team, said she found the charity’s views ‘deeply offensive’.

Campaigner Phillip Dawson started a campaign after he discovered Christian Action Research and Education (CARE) was funding interns for members of parliament.

He highlighted a 2009 conference funded by CARE which referred to gay people as the ‘sexually broken’ and discussed ways to ‘cure’ them.

The chief executive of CARE is a director of the Coalition for Marriage, the religious-based hate group attempting to block plans for fully-equal same-sex marriage in Britain.

Pro-gay marriage MP David Lammy has already pulled out of the interns program, saying he hadn’t realized that CARE had ‘extreme’ anti-LGBT views.

Now Liz Kendall, a Labour Party MP for Leicester West in the Midlands of England and shadow minister for care and older people, has followed Lammy.

In a statement Kendall said: ‘I am a long-standing and passionate supporter of LGBT equality. When I became involved with the CARE internship program in December last year, I had no idea CARE had co-sponsored a conference in which “therapeutic approaches to same sex attraction” appeared on the agenda.

‘I find this deeply offensive to members of the LGBT community. I completely disagree with such extreme views, and have therefore pulled out of the CARE internship program with immediate effect.’

Dawson has so far raised 8,000 signatures for his petition for 17 MPs (now reduced to 15) to sever their links to CARE.

He told Gay Star News: ‘I am really pleased that Liz Kendall has followed David Lammy and publicly distanced herself from CARE. The charity, which co-sponsored a gay-cure event in 2009, was described as "a bunch of homophobic bigots" in the Guardian by Ben Bradshaw MP in 2000 after CARE refused to provide him with an intern because he is openly gay.

‘It is hard for MPs because CARE don't put any information about the gay cure event – or Ben Bradshaw's comments – on their website. They are like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The MPs who have accepted interns from CARE have been fleeced.

‘I am really pleased that two MPs have now publicly distanced themselves from this charity and am hoping others will follow suit.’

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