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UK police launch rainbow patrol car to make a stand against hate crime

UK police launch rainbow patrol car to make a stand against hate crime


In their latest efforts to fight hate crime, the Norfolk & Suffolk Constabularies launched a fabulous rainbow patrol car to show support for the local LGBT+ community.

Norfolk & Suffolk Constabularies described in their statement that the car is a reaffirmation of ‘their position on equality and diversity in both the workplace and the community.’

Norfolk’s Deputy Chief Constable, Charlie Hall said, ‘I’m really pleased to see our car take to the roads of Norfolk & Suffolk. It signifies our continued commitment in supporting our diverse communities.’

He added, ‘This sends out a clear message that hate crime will not be tolerated in Norfolk & Suffolk and I’d like to encourage any victims of a hate crime to contact the Police.’


Benjamin Gotts of the Norfolk & Suffolk LGBT+ Police Network commented, ‘It’s a very exciting time for our organisations. Being supported by your employer and being encouraged to step out of the shadows and be yourself is hugely reassuring; we’re all better people, and more productive employees, when we can be true to ourselves. The car has already proved to be a great talking point and we look forward to meeting communities across the region soon.’

The car also hit the roads at Saturday’s Norwich Pride to celebrate love and equality for all with the rest of the paraders.

And of course, the officers joined in the fun too.

And for the first time, the Norfolk Constabulary flew the pride flag from Norwich’s central Bethel Street Police Station for the weekend’s celebrations.

Norfolk’s Temporary Equality & Diversity Manager, Julie Inns said, ‘Norfolk Constabulary has always been a firm supporter of its LGBT+ citizens and this sends out a message on two levels; one we recognise how important the rainbow symbol is to LGBT+ people, but more importantly it shows to those who choose to discriminate and commit hate crime that we stand firmly with our LGBT+ staff and citizens as friends, colleagues and Straight Allies.’