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UK Prime Minister's gay marriage advisor quits

Andrew Cooper, who made gay marriage a top issue for the British government has resigned over a power dispute

UK Prime Minister's gay marriage advisor quits

The British government’s advisor on gay marriage has left his job after losing a power battle with a fellow strategist.

Andrew Cooper, founder of UK polling company Populus Ltd, resigned from his position as director of government strategy yesterday (14 April), the Daily Mail reports.

Cooper had advised UK Prime Minister David Cameron on making gay marriage a top priority for a modern Conservative government, and to move away from traditional right-wing values. His aim was to attract a younger generation of voters for the political party.

He has lost out to Australian strategist Lynton Crosby, who has been running the Conservative’s voting campaign since January.

Crosby’s campaigning does not put gay marriage at the top of the party’s agenda.

A Conservative spokesperson told the Mail: ‘There was never going to be room for Andrew and Lynton.

‘Andrew is a fully paid-up conservative moderniser and believes that the party will never win a governing majority unless it distances itself from its Thatcherite past.

‘Lynton is an old-fashioned Thatcherite who thinks traditional values and policies are more important than modern fads.’

Cooper is returning to his company and is said to still be working part time for the party.

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