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UK same-sex couples wait less time to adopt

UK same-sex couples wait less time to adopt

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Same-sex couples in the UK currently wait less time for a match with a child than the average for all adopters, according to new figures released this week.

According to Link Maker, the online system which helps social workers find adopters for children, the average time it takes for same-sex couples to match with a child is 203.5 days – just over 7.5 months – in comparison to 233.24 days for other adopters.

The news coincides with the tenth anniversary of the law change in the UK, protecting same-sex couples from discrimination when adopting.

James Lawrence from New Family Social, a charity which supports LGBTI adopters and foster carers said they felt encouraged by the news, but there was still more to be done to encourage same-sex couples to consider adoption or fostering as a way of realising their dreams of starting a family.

‘Just a few years ago research showed lesbian, gay and bisexual people widely expected to be discriminated against by adoption and foster care agencies because of their sexual orientation,’ he said.

‘Rather than facing discrimination, these new statistics suggest that in 2016 same-sex couples – because they are more open to considering ‘harder to place’ children – have been waiting less time on average for a match than other approved adopters.’

‘The high numbers of adoptions by same-sex couples in 2015 is really encouraging but there’s still a need for LGBT Adoption & Fostering Week to encourage LGBT people that they can seriously explore adoption and fostering.’

For further support and resources for LGBTI adoptive and foster families, visit the New Family Social website.