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UK teen convicted of stabbing gay man in the heart at local meeting spot

UK teen convicted of stabbing gay man in the heart at local meeting spot

A British teenager has been convicted of stabbing a gay man in the heart, in a suspected homophobic attack.

Floyd Evans, 19, stabbed 35-year-old Francisco Nascimento from Brazil in the heart on 21 October 2013 in Cheshire, UK.

The Chester Chronicle reports that Evans was found not guilty of attempted murder but will face a charge of wounding with intent.

Police believe the crime was homophobic, as the attack took place when Nascimento was talking to a friend near Chester city walls which is known as a meeting spot for gay men.

Evans reportedly approached Nascimento and his friend Gareth Davies, who were chatting on some steps near the wall, and started to talk to them.

His face was almost completely obscured by his hood, which Nascimento told police made him feel ‘apprehensive’ about Evans.

He then suddenly stabbed Nasciemnto and ran off. The knife he used punctuated Nascimento’s body 10-15cm.

The court heard Evans deny remembering the event, blaming a night of heavy drinking and drug use for his lack of memory.

When questioned about whether the attack was homophobic Evans denied this.

‘I have no anti-gay views. Everyone is equal. My brother is gay and I’m perfectly happy with that’ he told the court.

Richard Riley, a representative of the Crown Prosecution Service, said Nascimento has been targeted because he was gay.

‘This was a vicious attack on a man who had simply been chatting with a friend when he was targeted’ he said.

‘We believe that Floyd Evans stabbed [the victim] because he thought he was gay and that Evans went to that part of the city walls that night for that very reason.

‘Evans is clearly a violent man, quite possibly harbouring sinister feelings towards certain sections of our community.’

Evans will be sentenced with wounding with intent on the week commencing 21 May.