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UK teen hangs herself rather than tell parents she might be gay

UK teen hangs herself rather than tell parents she might be gay

A British girl who was found dead in September hung herself rather than come out as gay to her parents, an inquest has heard.

Elisabeth Lowe, known as Lizzie, was discovered in Fletcher Moss Park in Manchester at around 11.15pm on 10 September.

In the months before her death, she confided to friends that she thought she was a lesbian but was scared to tell her Christian parents.

Her friends told the coroner that Lizzie, 14, self-harmed and had suicidal thoughts, and was ‘finding it hard to connect with God as she thought she was lying to him.’

However, her father said his daughter’s fears were ‘misplaced’ and that she would have received a ‘wealth of love and acceptance.’

Kevin Lowe tearfully told the inquest that he and her mother had no idea she was struggling with her sexuality.

‘She was just normal and seemed happy,’ he said.

Asked how the family would have reacted if she had come out to them, he said ‘It wouldn’t have come as much surprise. She was very much a tomboy.

‘In fact, she was more of a boy than some of the boys were, so it would have been no surprise at all.

‘We would have been very supportive.’

Senior coroner Nigel Meadows ruled her death a suicide.

‘She was clearly an intelligent young woman,’ he said.

‘She was a successful student but was going through issues of developing maturity and exploring her sexuality and was struggling to come to terms with that against her faith beliefs.’