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UK teen jailed for three years for wanting to go kill gay people with ISIS

UK teen jailed for three years for wanting to go kill gay people with ISIS

Syed Choudhry was detained for three years

A 19-year-old who became influenced by religious extremists to believe gay people should be killed and join Islamic State was jailed for three years, it was announced today (7 July).

Syed Choudhury, a student from Cardiff, pleaded guilty to preparing acts of terrorism.

It is believed he became radicalized by older Muslims when he left his Bradford home to attend college, and while there, became more open about believing in the work that ISIS was doing in Syria.

As part of an IT project, he made a poster saying ‘Islam Will Dominate The World, Freedom Can Go To Hell’.

He also posted articles on Twitter and Facebook, agreeing gay people should be killed.

When Choudhury left college with few qualifications leaving him to work in a fast food restaurant, it appears he saved around £3,000 to carry out his wish of going to Syria.

He had googled ’10 reasons to join Isis’, ‘Jihadist Highway’ and ‘How To travel To Syria These Days’, according to the prosecutor.

Choudhury had moved to a bedsit, after living with an aunt and uncle, when he was arrested on 4 December.

During his police interview, he told officers he had not gone to Syria as he wanted to go with someone else. He also said he cared little for the UK and wanted to impose Sharia law.

His lawyer Abdul Iqbal said Choudhury admitted he was embarrassed by some of the things he said to police.

‘[The case] shows a lack of sophistication, some naivety and level of immaturity,’ Iqbal said.

‘There appears to be no attempt at all to disguise his involvement or insulate himself from detection.’

He also said how Choudhury had a hard start in life, abandoned by his parents and brought up by relatives in Bradford.

And that was why he was susceptible when ‘older men who he regarded as more learned than him’ had ‘plied him with extremist ideas’.

At the Old Bailey, Judge Peter Rook QC told him: ‘I do regard you as a continuing risk of serious harm to the public.

‘I note your improvement while you have been in custody but I can’t disregard what you said earlier and how you are an impressionable, immature person, susceptible to radicalization.’

The judge added: ‘You wanted to be the person responsible for bringing Sharia Law to the UK. The boldness of what you said… is chilling, it reveals your dangerousness.’

He then sentenced Choudhury to three years and four months in a young offenders institution.