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UK Tory MPs twice as likely as public to oppose trans people self-identifying

UK Tory MPs twice as likely as public to oppose trans people self-identifying

Gay Pride London

Just 3 out of every 10 UK Tory MPs think all trans people should be given the right to identify, a damming study has shown.

The Yahoo News UK poll conducted by YouGov found that 37% of Conservative MPs strongly oppose self-identification while 16% tend to oppose it.

While the rest said they’re unsure, the figures are a stark contrast to how 56% of Brits support self-identification, according to another study.

Lack of support amid GRA reforms

YouGov completed online interviews with a representative sample of 100 Conservative MPs.

The survey was completed between 11-23 March 2019. With the results coming ahead of not only Pride in London tomorrow, but the news that, after a two year-long wait, ministers will announce vital trans rights reforms.

The firm plans to boost the rights to trans people could be published this month, ministers say.

Currently, trans people need a doctor’s diagnosis of gender dysphoria. As well as they must live as their true gender for two years in order to legally alter their gender. Such as being issued a new birth certificate.

Lawmakers had opened a public consultation to reform the 2004 Gender Recognition Act which closed nearly nine months ago.

Moreover, the measure has been in the offering since at least the summer of 2007, will be confirmed just days before the next Prime Minister takes their seat in No. 1o.

If the plans are not put to Parliament before July 25, campaigners will have to wait until after MPs’ summer break in September.

In the meantime, according to an LGBT Action Plan progress report released yesterday (4 July) that stated the Government Equalities Office is still analyzing the results of the consultation.

Activists hope that the reform of the Gender Recognition Act will uphold and enhance rights for trans and non binary people in the UK.

Which rings especially true after shocking figures showed that trans hate crimes have jumped 81% in the past financial year in England, Scotland, and Wales.

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