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UK trans detainee called ‘the thing’ and ‘it’ by officer

UK trans detainee called ‘the thing’ and ‘it’ by officer

A UK transgender detainee was called ‘the thing’ and ‘it’ by an officer while waiting to appear in court, it was revealed today (11 February).

According to a report published by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Prisons, this was just one of the shortcomings in custody facilities in courts throughout Sussex and Surrey, including Lewes, Hove and Brighton.

The chief inspector of prisons in the UK is said to be ‘disturbed’ by the incident.

Discrimination against trans people is illegal in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland under the Equality Act.

Graeme Ross of LGBT Youth Scotland told Gay Star News: ‘The feel like they are not being treated as an individual. It can be very damaging and lead to a lot of internalized shame.’

Being called ‘it’ can also have a negative impact on not only mental but also physical health.

‘We are talking about disengagement from themselves and about isolation.’