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UKIP 'not against gay adoption' but still opposes gay marriage

UK Independence Party London chairman David Coburn distances group from gay adoption 'child abuse' claims

UKIP 'not against gay adoption' but still opposes gay marriage

Britain’s UK Independence Party has distanced itself from one of its members who called gay adoption ‘child abuse’.

The right-wing party’s culture spokesman, Winston McKenzie, called for a ban on LGBT people adopting, claiming same-sex parents might raise the child to be gay.

UKIP denied the homophobic views of the North Croydon by-election candidate represent the party’s official stance on gay marriage and adoption.

But UKIP’s London chairman David Coburn admits they do not support gay marriage.

He said: ‘UKIP’s stance on gay marriage is simple: we entirely, wholeheartedly support equal rights for couples regardless of their sexuality and we believe this has been achieved through the introduction of civil partnerships, which UKIP supported.

‘The difficulty regarding the same-sex marriage debate is that there is no guarantee that religious institutions will not be forced, via appeals made to the EU’s Strasbourg court, appeals that certain SSM supporting groups have already suggested, to perform ceremonies that they themselves do not agree with.

‘We see this as an act of intolerance in itself and for this reason alone we do not support same-sex marriage.’

However, Coburn insisted that the party is ‘libertarian’ and ‘categorically not
against gay adoption’.

‘What we do have a problem with is that Catholic adoption agencies have been banned for opposing gay adoption,’ he added.

‘The only thing that matters is that the children receive a safe and loving home.’

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