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UKIP opens up office right next to gay fetish club and sauna

UKIP opens up office right next to gay fetish club and sauna

When you pick a place to have your new office, it’s all about location, location, location.

So when UKIP, the right-wing anti-immigration British party, chose a new premise for its office in Luton, they picked some odd neighbors.

The Greenhouse gay sauna, which also holds regular fetish nights, is right next door alongside a Turkish takeaway, a Lebanese restaurant and a Polish shop.

Bob Clements, election agent for UKIP, has said: ‘[The sauna] has got nothing to do with us, we are not bothered.

‘We were looking around this was a property that came up on the market at the right price.’

While they may not be bothered, UKIP might be interested to know that every month the Greenhouse Sauna holds a ‘Dirty Friday’ night with a rubber, boots, jock, naked, lycra and leather dress code.

They also hold underwear only nights (no lingerie allowed) and full on naked days.

Several UKIP party members have made homophobic comments in the past.

In February, leaflets were handed out at a party conference that said LGBTI equality education in schools was comparable to ‘sexual grooming’.

Donald Grewar, parliamentary candidate for Newport East, described gay people as ‘fascist perverts’ and ‘pedophiles’ in January. And back in 2013, John Sullivan, the party candidate for Newent, claimed PE could prevent kids from ‘turning gay’.