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UK’s Cameron challenged on protection of LGBT Nigerians

UK’s Cameron challenged on protection of LGBT Nigerians

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom was questioned on his commitment to LGBT Nigerians around the world.

In a special edition of BBC’s World Have Your Say program, David Cameron answered direct questions from viewers, where he was put to task about Britain’s response to Nigeria’s Jail All The Gays Bill.

The politician was also asked about the validity of the G8 summit, next week’s upcoming forum where the world’s eight wealthiest countries will discuss global issues. 

Bisi, a Nigerian who lives in London and who has written his response to Nigeria’s Jail The Gays Bill exclusively for GSN, sent a video to Cameron asking how Britain will protect LGBT people in Nigeria: ‘In view of the anti-same sex law passed in Nigeria by the Upper and Lower House, what would be Britain’s response in protecting over 17 million LGBT people in Nigeria whose life this bill sets to criminalize?’ 

Cameron responded: ‘In Britain, we have a very good record of equal rights for lesbian and gay people, and we believe that that’s right for every country in the world. We think the matter of your sexuality isn’t something that should disadvantage you, just like your religion, or your race.’

The Prime Minister was the prompted along by the show’s host, Ros Atkins, who interjected: ‘But we’re in a situation where the Nigerian government has just passed a law banning public displays of affection.’

Cameron replied: ‘This is also the case in other African countries. I think, again, with countries like Nigeria where we have a very good relationship, a very strong relationship, nothing should be off the table. So when we meet with Nigerian politicians and leaders, we should be very clear about the things we agree on and the things we don’t agree on.

Atkins again interrupted the prime minister saying that aid to Nigeria is going up about 50% despite the fact that Cameron aid would be docked if anti-gay laws weren’t reformed.

‘We’ll have to have some conversations with them then,’ said Cameron.

‘As I said, nothing’s off the table. However, we also have some very important objectives with Nigeria, for instance, dealing with the appalling rates of poverty in the North of Nigeria, which are part of a problem that affects not just Nigeria, but the rest of the world.

‘My view, very strongly, is that we should have proper equality for lesbians and gays, and that should be the same all over the world.’