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UK’s Queen of Rap Lady Leshurr comes out as pansexual

UK’s Queen of Rap Lady Leshurr comes out as pansexual

Lady Leshurr comes out as pansexual | Instagram

Lady Leshurr, nicknamed the UK Queen of Rap, has come out as pansexual.

Malesha O’Garro, her real name, has revealed on social media that she feels attracted to any and all genders.

A rising star with 152 million views on YouTube has spoken about her sexuality to Gay Times.

‘I’m just happy that I don’t have to hide anything anymore, I am free,’ she said.

‘In life you have to tell the truth, you have to feel comfortable in your own skin and now I feel so comfortable in my own skin.’

Melesha is considered one of the strongest female MCs on the UK rap scene. She was the first act to win twice in a row at the Official Mixtape Awards in 2011 and 2012.

With her new track, Lady Madonna, her star is rising high.

Forced out by an ex

But because of that, she’s had some major difficulties.

An ex publicly outed Malesha in a number of tweets.

This then triggered a feud between the two, with Melesha releasing a diss record called R.I.P.

‘Initially, I thought I could ignore what she’s tweeted about me and just pretend like nothing’s happened and simply carry on doing my music, but then I thought no, I’m gonna actually turn this negative into a positive,’ she said.

‘I’ve grown so much since then and I learned from that whole situation.’

She then realized that some people wouldn’t have her back when it came to her sexuality.

Ex-manager told Queen of Rap Lady Leshurr not to come out

‘My ex manager told me coming out wasn’t a good look or the right move for me or my career,’ Melesha said.

‘I remember it made me feel so depressed because I wasn’t being allowed to be my authentic self.

Honestly speaking from experience I understand how it can make someone feel trapped, give you low self-esteem and anxiety, because you can’t fully be yourself.

‘People’s opinions are the reason sometimes you can’t be yourself and it’s sad. People can be really mean.’

In the past nine months, fans have been very supportive.

‘It’s always been about connection’ 

And while she thought she was bi, it was the R&B singer-songwriter that introduced her to the term pansexual.

She said: ”I researched it and was like ‘That’s me, That’s what I am,’ I like everybody.’

‘I would see drag queens and be attracted to them and I would see trans people and be attracted to them. I’m still attracted to guys and girls so it was at that point I realised gender has nothing to do with it.

‘It’s more about the connection, the energy and the vibe that people bring around me – that’s what really draws me in.

‘I’ve never been a person to look at somebody’s appearance and judge them on that. It’s always been about connection and that’s definitely why I identify as pansexual.’

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