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Umbrella Movement student leaders joke about gay couple rumor

Umbrella Movement student leaders joke about gay couple rumor

In the 79 days that protestors occupied various sites in Hong Kong, the semi-autonomous city in China saw many intense or even bloody moments.

But many people, especially the young, have rejoiced over the bromance between student leaders Alex Chow and Lester Shum, who head the Hong Kong Federation of Students, the key group behind the protests that ended only earlier this month.

In the first joint interview that they gave, host Stephen Chan, from radio station CRHK, eagerly asked the duo a question many had been hoping for – on air – ‘Are you really a couple?’

Shum and Chow, who has a girlfriend, instantly burst out laughing. They replied almost together, ‘It is such a hard question.’  When asked to elaborate, Shum slyly added, ‘It gives one food for thought.’

The two of them regularly poked fun at each other over their bromance. Shum once had a facebook post that read ‘I’m gay, and I love Alex. I am hard and he is soft. Feeling Love.’ which Chow promptly shared. 

AlexLester4everLove, a Facebook group dedicated to the bromance, counts as many as 34,000 fans. They have come to call the duo ‘Alexter’, while calling themselves members of a ‘Hehe’ group. ‘Hehe’ is an internet slang and euphemism for homosexuality derived from the English subject ‘he’.

Chow, Shum and another student leader Nathan Law turned up at the Hong Kong Gay Pride to show their support in November, when they were still camping out in the streets for the city’s democratic movement.

Photos and fan art featuring ‘Alexeter’ (from AlexLester4everLove):