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Uncle told he can’t buy Mormon nephew bouncy ball as it could make him gay

Uncle told he can’t buy Mormon nephew bouncy ball as it could make him gay

Is a bouncy ball 'too gay' of a gift for a Mormon child?

An uncle has come forward after his Mormon sister and brother-in-law has told him his nephew will not be allowed to play on his new bouncy ball as it could make him gay.

Posting on the Ex-Mormon forum on Reddit, a user said he had bought his nephew the hot dog shaped toy as a present to help him make friends.

But his sister and her husband, who he describes as ‘totally brainwashed Mormons’, are accusing him of pushing a ‘gay agenda’ on their son.

‘My brother-in-law thinks it looks like a penis,’ he said. ‘It’s a hot dog that kids bounce on and it looks nothing like a penis. This is how riled up Mormons are about homosexuality.

‘I think they believe I’m trying to push a “gay agenda” by getting a seven-year-old a hot dog to bounce on. It never crossed my mind that it looked like a penis because I’m no longer a sexually suppressed Mormon cult member.’

The family’s issues go deeper than forbidding this kid from playing on a hot dog. The Reddit user also said he saw the same brother-in-law kicking his son at Christmas.

‘I called the Utah state kid protection services about it and they wouldn’t do anything,’ he said.

The uncle later said that his brother-in-law is ‘freaked out’ because ‘nephew is very artsy and likes to wear rainbow bow ties to church’.

‘I think my brother-in-law is freaked out inside that my nephew is gay. He is acting like Homer Simpson in that episode when he tries to make sure Bart doesn’t turn gay,’ he added.

But if his nephew does turn out to be gay, it wouldn’t matter to his uncle.

‘If my nephew was gay, that would be awesome and I would love him just the same. But he is seven, so who cares if he is or isn’t. 🙂 I love him the same no matter what.’