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These top 5 underwear brands are for any guy who loves to feel sexy

These top 5 underwear brands are for any guy who loves to feel sexy

For most of us, if you’re single or not, you’re not exactly going to be showing off your underwear to everybody.

The last thing you want to do is to run into a beautiful stranger, have that lead to a ‘memorable’ night, and then have it ruined because you were wearing a shabby pair of tighty-whities. The horror!

Men should be wearing underwear that are comfortable, stylish, and – why not? – sexy.

I’ve sifted through a multitude of brands and various underwear styles to pull together my top five favorite brands. These brands showcase what I believe a men’s underwear brand should embody: A classic style with a sexy twist, various colors/patterns, and comfortability.

Parke & Ronen

One in every color!

If you haven’t heard of Parke & Ronen then Google them now. The brand fuses the European tradition of haute couture with an American sensibility. The end results are underwear that are simple and sensational.

The design and cut is your standard brief or trunk style. Their updated design features a low-rise waist with a lush silver satin waistband.

Parke & Ronen feature a nice selection of patterns and colors to liven up any man’s underwear collection. If you’re wanting to ooze sexy appeal then these are the clear winners. Their briefs are especially seductive with the design providing just enough coverage while revealing the perfect amount of flesh. Plus, the fit makes sure everything down there is packaged away nicely.

Retail: $28-$32 / £23-£26 / €26-€30

Charlie by Matthew Zink

Get a pair of Charlies!

By using popular models, such as math-teacher-turned-model Pietro Boselli, Charlie by Matthew Zink has entered the men’s underwear stratosphere of popularity on social media. It has become one of the most hashtagged men’s underwear brands on Instagram.

Whether you’re looking for a brief, trunk, boxer, or even a jock strap they’ve got you covered.

Charlie by Matthew Zink’s key to success is the use of simple colors with a very provocative design twist. You won’t find any loud designs or patterns only solid colors. They use an ultra soft fabric that features stretch to allow for that perfect comfortable fit – and offer the most classic jock strap in existence.

If you’ve fancied trying a jock strap for the first time then this is where to get one.

Retail: $38 / £31 / €35

Garçon Model

We’ll take a pair of Garçon undies and Paolo too!

Garçon Model is not your basic underwear. They’re redefining sexy with their unabashed bright palette and flashy design.

The brand is quite cheeky with the use of colors. They are unafraid of using in-your-face neon to draw attention. Their collection features briefs, trunks, and jock straps in hues such as neon blue, green, and yellow with contrasting hot pink accents.

Their underwear is designed with a low-rise waist, thick branded waistband, and a microfibre that allow for all-day comfort. Although the brand does offer more understated solid black and white choices this brand is for those who want that pop of color in their underwear selection.

Retail: $28-$32 / £23-£26 / €26-€30

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein has become synonymous with men’s underwear. This brand is most likely within every man’s underwear collection.

The classic brand was my first dip into designer underwear back in my early teens. Although I have circulated through a multitude of brands throughout my years, I’ve always had a good pair of Calvins in my wardrobe.

This brand is for the men who like to keep their underwear straightforward without the need for anything audacious. The color schemes keep to mostly black, grey, and white but they do offer a few colors such a blue and yellow.

The designs are plain with the only exaggeration being their thick red waistband on selected pairs. They offer briefs, trunks, and boxers. If you’re looking for a brand name with a comfortable fit and nothing extra then look no further than Calvin Klein.

Retail: $21-$25 / £17-£20 / €20-€23

Andrew Christian

Model Pablo Hernandez in his Andrew Christian underwear.

Andrew Christian is bold and shameless in their underwear collection. This brand, which is extraordinarily popular with gay men, features fearless styles and risqué fits.

Iconic to Andrew Christian is the anatomically correct front pouch which allows the wearer’s package to rest comfortably in the extra room provided. They offer a wide variety of underwear styles ranging from briefs to trunks and jock straps to thongs.

Even though this brand has some underwear which are downplayed and considered ‘normal’ they thrive on the raciness of their underwear collection. With underwear featuring the words ‘Trophy Boy’ on the waistband you can tell it takes a confident, and perhaps a well-endowed, man to pull this brand off.

Retail: $5-$30 / £4-£24 / €5-€28