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Unisex bathrooms not allowed in Aussie capital? 

Unisex bathrooms not allowed in Aussie capital? 

The owner of a new LGBTI-friendly bar in a suburb of Australia’s capital Canberra is seeking legal advice to check if he is allowed to designate bathrooms ‘unisex’.

Ian Goudie is set to open new venue Barcode in the Dickson area north of the city on Saturday, but he is concerned that the Australian Capital Territories (ACT) liquor license legislation states venues that sell alcohol must have clearly signed male, female and disabled toilets.

‘If someone wants to use a bathroom and they don’t identify as a male or a female, you can’t discriminate against them,’ said Goudie, Canberra Times reports, adding that he plans to attend a council meeting today to ask about the contradiction.

‘It’s an oversight and I hope it’s something the ministers will address quite rapidly.’

Barcode will be staffed entirely by members of the LGBTIQ community and 50 cents (Australian dollars, $0.48, €0.36) from every coffee sold will go to local community organizations A Gender Agenda and Diversity ACT.