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Unisex bathrooms ok in Aussie capital LGBTI-friendly bar

Unisex bathrooms ok in Aussie capital LGBTI-friendly bar

The government of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) has clarified that they do not require gender specific bathrooms for their liquor license.

Gay Star News reported on Friday that the owner of a new LGBTI-friendly bar in the Canberra suburb of Dickson was concerned that the bar could not have unisex toilets as a liquor license requirement.

But the deputy chief minister of ACT Andrew Barr told Gay Star News that in fact the territory’s Liquor Act ‘does not require any gender signage to be placed on the toilet doors’.

‘The regulation provides sufficient flexibility for licensees to choose to configure their toilets in a unisex manner,’ said Barr.

Misinformation about the matter was given to bar owner Ian Goudie by an ACT government officer.

‘The ACT is generally a very inclusive and supportive community and is working actively to only improve it’s amenity for all,’ said Ivan Hinton who advises ACT on LGBTI issues.