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University in Ohio wants to create LGBTI ‘Safe Zones’ on campus

University in Ohio wants to create LGBTI ‘Safe Zones’ on campus

The Ohio State University

Student leaders at Ohio State University voted to make LGBTI inclusion training mandatory for Residential Advisers (RA) called Safe Zone.

The student newspaper, The Lantern, reported the student goverment wants RAs to undergo the specialized training on top of training they already do for bias.

‘We found a gap in safety for students because not every LGBT student has a resident advisor who knows about LGBT issues or is comfortable advocating for that student who needs help,’ said resolution cosponsor Ose Arheghan.

The purpose of Safe Zone is ‘to create a more welcoming and more inclusive campus environment’. It also aims to achieve the ‘goal of supporting the diverse individuals and communities with minorized sexual and/or gender identities’.

‘We have these wonderful RA’s who haven’t been given the tools to really serve all the students in their constituency. This resolution fills that gap,’ Arheghan said.

They also said that the training will help new RAs to understand ‘what it means to identify as LGBTQ and how they… can be an advocate for those students in their constituencies’.

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