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This university’s trans bathroom note is going viral for all the right reasons

This university’s trans bathroom note is going viral for all the right reasons

Essex Pride 2016

Bigotry continues to grow more hostile surrounding the ‘issue’ of trans people and where they should go to the bathroom.

But one British university is making its stance clear.

Anglia Ruskin University, in East Anglia, is giving detailed tips on how to treat trans and gender questioning students in their bathrooms.

And a picture taken of one of the signs is currently going viral on Twitter.

Designed like the Trans Pride flag, it gives guidance to students on what to do when they feel like a fellow student might be using the ‘wrong’ bathroom.

‘Please don’t stare at them, challenge them, insult them,’ it reads.

‘Do not purposefully make them uncomfortable.’

Of course it has tipps on what to do instead: ‘Respect their privacy, respect their identity, carry on with your day. Protect them from harm.’

Put up by Anglia Ruskin Student Union as part of their Trans Visibility Campaign, the signs aim to raise awareness of trans students’ needs.

‘They are using the facilities they feel safe in,’ the signs read.

‘Please do not take this right away from them.’

And in the end, it also has a message directly addressing trans and gender questioning students, and it’s probably the sweetest bit of it all.

‘You have every right to be here. In this facility, in this university, in this world,’ the sign reads.

‘Your gender identity and expression are valid.’

Ever since it was posted on Twitter, the signs went viral; the original tweet has been retweeted 8,600 times, and liked 17,000 times.

It even lead Jamie Vincent, ARU’s Trans* Rep, to create a Twitter profile.

And besides the lovely message users are going grazy for one particular thing: the trans symbol with a smiley face and a little heart in the bottom right corner.