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Upcoming anime Back Street Girls will feature Yakuza members getting gender reassignment surgery

Upcoming anime Back Street Girls will feature Yakuza members getting gender reassignment surgery

Three Yakuza members get gender reassignment surgery to become idols in Back Street Girls

Back Street Girls, originally a Japanese manga series by Jasmine Gyuh that was released in 2015, will be turned into an anime.

The series

The story follows three Yakuza members who have let down their boss. After wrecking an important job, their boss (also a genius songwriter) provides them two choices: honorably commit suicide or go to Thailand to get gender reassignment surgery. In the universe this story takes place in, transitioning from male to female makes one an idol.

After a year of training to become idols, the three members work to perform songs written by their boss as a girl group. And so Kentaro Yamamoto, Ryo Tachibana, and Kazuhiko Sugihara become Airi Yamamoto, Mari Tachibana, and Chika Sugihara. Their girl group becomes known as Doku Dolls. The series chronicles their struggles balancing their job in the Yakuza and the demands of being an idol unit.


The voice actors for the main cast are Daisuke Ono (Black Butler, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure) as Kentaro, Satoshi Hino (Naruto, Gintama) as Ryo, and Kazuyuki Okitsu (Ladies versus Butlers!, Berserk). Airi, Mari, and Chika will be voiced by Yuka Nukui, Kaori Maeda, and Hikaru Akao respectively.

Check out the trailer below:

However, given the unique nature of the show, it is unclear how the voice work will be divided. For instance, an alternative trailer features female voice actors.

The series premieres on Japanese television on 3 July. It will air on BS11, Tokyo MX, and MBS. It will likely also be part of anime streaming service Crunchyroll. At this time, it is unclear if there will be a dubbed version in English.

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