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US actor Jeffrey Tambor to play trans dad in new online series

US actor Jeffrey Tambor to play trans dad in new online series

Jeffrey Tambor is set to play a transgender parent in a new Amazon pilot.

Tambor will star in Transparent as Mort, a ‘middle-aged parent who sits his three adult children down for a revealing, personal conversation.

‘Mort has been secretly living a double-life as a woman, and is eager to introduce the family to their new, authentic parent.’

The Arrested Development star will be coming out to his three children, one of whom will be played by actress Gaby Hoffman.

The new show, written by Jill Soloway who’s also written and produced for shows including Six Feet Under, United States of Tara and Grey’s Anatomy, starts filming in September.

Last year the Gay and Lesbian Association Against Defamation (GLAAD) published a study that found 54% of transgender-inclusive episodes over 10 years of broadcast portrayed the trans characters in a negative light.

Transgender actress Laverne Cox from Netflix series Orange is the New Black said in a recent interview, however, that non-linear television formats are giving new opportunities for trans characters to be cast in a positive light.

She said: ‘There’s such vision at Netflix, not only in terms of accommodating how people watch television now and doing that so smartly, but being open to taking risks in terms of story-telling.’