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US army is ordered to stop referring to Chelsea Manning as a man

Appeals court orders the military to stop misgendering the jailed Wikileaks soldier

US army is ordered to stop referring to Chelsea Manning as a man

The US army is being ordered to stop misgendering Chelsea Manning.

An army appeals court was asked by Manning and her attorney to cease the military’s habit of referring to the jailed Wikileaks solider as a man.

Winning their case, the Army Court of Criminal Appeals has ordered that ‘future formal papers filed before this court and all future orders and decisions issued by this court shall either be neutral, e.g., Private First Class Manning or appellant, or employ a feminine pronoun.’

Nancy Hollander, Manning’s lead attorney, said it was an ‘important victory’ that Manning will be ‘respected as the woman she is in all legal filings’.

While it is believed that Manning will soon be allowed hormone treatment, she is still being refused to grow her hair out as other female prisoners are allowed to do on the claim that it would be a ‘security risk’.

According to a 2014 Williams Institute report, an estimated 15,500 trans people are currently serving in the military in secret.

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