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US Catholics more liberal on gay issues than white evangelical Protestants

Study shows that fewer than half of US Catholics agree that sex between two adults of the same gender is sinful

US Catholics more liberal on gay issues than white evangelical Protestants

A recent study shows Catholics in the US are more liberal about gay sexuality and marriage equality than white evangelical Protestants.

Work done by the Public Religion Research Institute, released on 24 April, showed less than half of US Catholics, 49%, saw gay sex between two adults as ‘morally wrong.’

An overwhelming majority, 78%, of white evangelical Protestants consider sexual relations between same gender adults as morally suspect.

When it comes to marriage equality, only 37% of US Catholics oppose it; 69% of white evangelical Protestants are also against same sex marriage.

The numbers show on social matters Pope Francis is more likely to appeal to conservative Protestants than his own flock.

‘In the US, Catholic support for traditional Church social teachings advocated by the Pope is much more tepid than that found among white evangelical Protestants,’ the institute wrote.

These numbers were nearly reversed on the pontiff’s economic message.

‘…Catholics in the US generally share Pope Francis’s vision of a more equal society,’ the study found. ‘Nearly 8-in-10 Catholics (78%) favor raising the minimum wage to $10 (€7) an hour, compared to just 6-in-10 (61%) of white evangelicals.’

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