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US Christian author urges families to retreat into 1950’s programming to avoid gays on the TV

US Christian author urges families to retreat into 1950’s programming to avoid gays on the TV

US Christian author Larry Tomczak is warning American parents to be ‘aware of the avalanche of gay programming that is assaulting your home,’ urging them to retreat into only allowing their children to watch entertainment programming from before the era when gay people were depicted positively on TV.

Tomczak is afraid that the number of LGBTI characters on American television at the moment has a hidden agenda, calling it a gay ‘tsunami’ aimed at ‘promoting’ homosexuality to the American public.

‘What’s going on?,’ Tomczak asks in a column published in the Christian Post yesterday, ‘A lifestyle that Romans 1:24-27 labels as "immoral," "indecent," "shameful," "unnatural" and a "perversion" bringing a "due penalty" is conveyed to tens of millions of unsuspecting children, teens and parents as normal, acceptable behavior.’

‘The indoctrination and propaganda coming from those advocating a gay lifestyle in our country, classrooms and culture are increasing. All of us need to take note and take action to guard those we love.’

Tomczak warned that ‘Hollywood’ was promoting homosexuality through shows like Glee and Modern Family and television stars including Ellen DeGeneres and Anderson Cooper and that ‘Human Rights Campaign and a multitude of other LGBTQ advocacy groups have multimillion-dollar budgets and work aggressively to convince Americans that homosexuality is a beautiful way of life – maybe for your child or grandchild?’

‘Passivity is not an option. Check out how aggressive these well-funded and well-organized groups are in targeting innocent and impressionable children. In elementary schools, high schools, colleges and the media.’

Tomczak’s advice on how to respond to this gay onslaught is for Americans to place their heads firmly in the sand, retreating to only watching entertainment programs from a simpler time like the 1950’s and 60’s.

‘Purchasing wholesome DVD series and streaming selected programs are great alternatives,’ Tomczak advises.

‘The Fugitive, Gunsmoke, Little House on the Prairie, I Love Lucy and other award-winning shows are all available and cheap. My son has two adopted young boys who are growing up with Wally, Larry Mondello, Eddie Haskell and the Beaver and can’t wait till the next episode!’