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US court halts Trump from changing military policies for transgender people

US court halts Trump from changing military policies for transgender people

Donald Trump

According to the AP, a US federal court is halting Donald Trump from implementing his transgender military ban.

In an opinion written Monday (30 October), US District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly determined the transgender individuals suing over the ban would likely win. She also barred the Trump administration from changing policy on transgender personnel in the military.

Kollar-Kotelly opined the plaintiffs ‘established that they will be injured by these directives, due both to the inherent inequality they impose, and the risk of discharge and denial of accession that they engender’.

Read the full court order here.

History of Trump’s ban

Trump first announced the ban in July. In his initial tweets, he said the government would not accept or allow transgender people to serve ‘in any capacity’. He justified the decision by claiming ‘tremendous medical costs’ and the ‘disruption’ caused by transgender personnel.

At the end of August, Trump issued a memo announcing the ban would go into effect in 2018. The memo also outlined a directive regarding funds for transgender healthcare. It stated the Defense Department and Department of Homeland Security could not use funds for sex-reassignment surgery except to protect an individual’s health.

Consequently, around the same time, trans soldiers filed a suit against the ban.

However, now there could be an official stop to the ban.

The court order requires the president and plaintiffs to file a joint status report by 10 November detailing how they plan to proceed.