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The US has elected its first openly LGBTI governor

The US has elected its first openly LGBTI governor

Kate Brown is the pro-LGBTI governor of Oregon

The US has elected its first openly LGBTI governor in Oregan: Kate Brown.

The Democratic candidate, who is bisexual, won the gubernatorial election handily against Republican Bud Pierce.

She thanked supporters during an election-night rally at the Oregon Convention Center, saying, ‘No matter how you voted, thank you for making your voices heard, thank you for caring about the future of your state and thank you for your support.’

Brown added: ‘I believe that the times call upon us to take action, and I believe that if we work together we can shape both the place and the times in which we live. Let’s work together to make Oregon, our home, a place where everyone can thrive.’

Brown was incumbent in her case – but was running for election for the first time.

She stepped in as governor of Oregon in February 2012 after former Governor John Kitzhaber resigned over an influence-peddling scandal.

Earlier this year, during a graduation speech at Willamette University, Brown spoke about she was outed in the 80s and how worried she could lose her job if it was discovered she was bisexual.

Brown is not the first LGBTI to serve as governor – former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey came out as gay in 2004 and resigned months later.