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US embassy in Singapore finds inventive way to celebrate Pride Month

US embassy in Singapore finds inventive way to celebrate Pride Month

The US embassy in Singapore seems to have found a ‘diplomatic’ way to showcase their support for LGBTI rights without putting their foot in it with their boss.

And all with the help of a pair of colorful socks.

A Facebook post on the embassy’s official page in Singapore shared a photo of someone wearing a pair of rainbow-colored socks.

The picture was accompanied by a caption celebrating Pride Month.

US President Donald Trump recently stated that US embassies could not fly LGBTI flags on official flag poles during Pride Month. But he hadn’t said anything about rainbow feet.

American diplomats confirmed that requests to fly the Pride flag from the US embassies in Israel, Germany, Brazil, and Latvia, had been denied.

The move was widely condemned by LGBTI rights supporters.

Many argued that the directive was extremely hypocritical and poorly thought through, given its timing. Only a few days before the order, Trump tweeted his support for Pride Month – a first for any Republican president.

Not alone 

In their post, the US embassy in Singapore wrote: ‘The United States joins people around the world in celebrating Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex (LGBTI) Pride Month, and reaffirms its commitment to protecting and defending the human rights of all, including LGBTI persons.

‘We wish you a safe and happy Pride Month,’ the post added.

Singapore’s embassy is far from alone in their slightly facetious Pride Month celebration.

A number of other US government offices have showcased their support while not technically flying a Pride flag on the official flag poll.

The US embassy in office in Tel Aviv, Israel, chose to work around Trump’s directive by plastering giant Pride flag on the walls of their building.

Similar moves has been taken place in US embassies and consulates in Thailand, India, Austria, and Chile.

California’s capitol building is also flying a rainbow flag on its roof. This is the first time in history the building has flown a Pride flag. Officials have said they will be keeping it flying high for the rest of June.

YouTuber Elijah Daniel also found an interesting way to protest Trump’s ban on LGBTI Pride flags: by buying a town.

Daniel officially bought the tiny town of Hell, Michigan, and became its mayor. He also renamed the town Gay Hell, which he proceeded to ban straight people from entering.