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US is on the brink of having its first openly bisexual senator in Kyrsten Sinema

US is on the brink of having its first openly bisexual senator in Kyrsten Sinema

Bisexual politician Kyrsten Sinema

With her ‘insurmountable’ lead in Arizona, Kyrsten Sinema is close to becoming the first openly bisexual member of the United States Senate.

Sinema is running against Republican candidate Martha McSally and Green Party candidate Angela Green. If she wins, Sinema will also became the first female Senator from Arizona.

As mail-in votes are counted, Sinema currently has a lead of nearly 32,000 votes over McSally. Politico stated McSally would have to win 57% of the remaining 220,000 votes still be counted in order to over Sinema’s lead.

Authorities will release a new portion of votes from the race on Monday (12 November) evening. More than 90% of these votes are coming from counties where Sinema already leads.

Most believe Sinema now has the race in the bag.

Her campaign manager released a statement called Sinema’s lead ‘insurmountable’.

Arizona Republican strategist Chuck Coughlin also said the race is ‘over’ because it’s ‘not in the math’.

Meet the potential history-maker

At the start of her career, Sinema was a member of the Green Party, before switching and becoming a Democrat. She previously served in both chambers of the State Legislature.

The people of Arizona first elected Sinema to the state House of Representatives in 2004, and then the state Senate in 2010.

She served in the US House of Representatives for Arizona’s 9th district since 2013.

During her career, Sinema advocated for the DREAM Act and also found against state propositions aiming to ban same-sex marriage and civil unions in Arizona.

In 2009, President Barack Obama named Sinema and 31 other state legislatures to the White House Health Reform Task Force. This team helped shape the Affordable Care Act.

Democrats took back control of the US House of Representatives in the midterm elections. While Republicans still retain control of the Senate, Sinema may add one more progressive voice to it.

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