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US Justice Dept. asks Supreme Court to allow trans military ban

US Justice Dept. asks Supreme Court to allow trans military ban

People protesting the original transgender military ban.

The US Department of Justice has ordered the Supreme Court to enforce a controversial ban on trans people serving in the military while the legal case is pending appeal.

The government already requested that the Supreme Court take up the case to bypass the lower courts, which have so far blocked the ban.

This move by the Justice Department requests that the ban come into effect while the legal case plays out in the lower courts.

After reaching out to the high court last month, Solicitor General Noel Francisco said that lower court injunctions are wrong and in need of review, reports CNN.

Outrage at the proposed ban

The move to ban trans people from serving in the military was announced on Twitter by US president Donald Trump in July 2017, and later released officially released by Defence Secretary, James Mattis.

Upon its announcement, LGBTI rights activists and their allies – including many current and former transgender service personnel – were outraged by the proposed ban.

The ban encountered numerous legal hurdles and has been continually blocked in federal courts.

Trump later walked back on a blanket ban on trans service members.

A revised and watered-down version from earlier this month stated that people with gender dysphoria would be allowed to serve in the military, but only they if they serve under their biological sex and did not seek gender affirmation treatment.

‘Legally erasing’ trans people

The Trump administration has come under repeated criticism for restricting or removing the rights of trans people in America.

Last year, the White House revoked an Obama-era legislation which protected trans students right to use public toilets which align with their gender identity rather than their birth gender.

The White House cause further controversy in March, when a leaked memo from the Department of Health and Human Services said that the government planned to only identify people by their birth gender, a move many said would be ‘legally erasing’ trans people in the US.

The proposals laid out in the memo sparked numerous protests, with some of the biggest businesses the US and members of the scientific community openly condemning the Trump administration.