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US politicians hit back against Trump’s trans military ban

US politicians hit back against Trump’s trans military ban

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Republican and Democrat lawmakers on Thursday (7 February) introduced legislation to allow transgender people to serve in the military.

The action counters President Donald Trump’s policy to enforce a ban on transgender troops.

It also goes against a Supreme Court decision last month to temporarily uphold the policy.

Senators Kirsten Gillibrand, Jack Reed and Susan Collins introduced bills into both houses of the US Congress.

‘Trump’s ban on transgender service members is discrimination’ Gillibrand said in a statement.

‘It undermines our military readiness. And it is an insult to the brave and patriotic transgender Americans who choose to serve in our military’.

‘Anyone who is qualified, able to be deployed into war zones and wants to serve should continue to be allowed to do so, including our transgender troops’ said Collins.

‘Since Donald Trump’s first tweets, a bipartisan chorus of members of Congress, national security experts, and an overwhelming majority of Americans have made clear their opposition to this unconstitutional policy,’ Sarah McBride of the Human Rights Campaign said in a statement.

Trans troops ban

Trump first instituted the ban in 2017 and received widespread backlash to his decision.

A month after that, he issued a memorandum declaring the end of trans service at the start of 2018.

By the end of the year, a lower US court ruled against the policy and a judge said trans troops must be allowed to join.

Trump issued a new policy in March 2018, a more watered-down version of his initial expansive plan.

Some trans people have been able to join the military while others have faced obstacles.

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