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US pundit angry new film Noah didn’t blame flood on gay people

US pundit angry new film Noah didn’t blame flood on gay people

A US pundit is angry over the new film Noah did not blame the flood on gay people.

Don Feder, a spokesman for the World Congress of Families, spoke out against the new movie starring Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly and Emma Watson.

The pundit claims the ‘left’ is trying to use cinema in order to advance its pet causes – in this case climate change.

He said: ‘Try to imagine Hollywood making a movie that inveighs against sexual immorality, when the entertainment industry goes Lady Gaga over gayness and presents cohabitation, adultery and abortion as lifestyle choices.’

Feder claims ‘warningism’ – a word he made up to criticize environmentalism – is based on faith.

He added: ‘After spending decades (centuries if you want to go back to the French Revolution) trying to destroy religion, the left is now using religion to advance its pet causes.

‘Coming soon, "Sodom and Gomorrah: The True Story" – wherein destruction is visited on the Mesopotamian metropolises for their homophobia, sexism and income inequality.’

The official Vatican newspaper, L’Avennire, was rather neutral about the Darren Aronofsky film, but did describe it as a ‘missed opportunity’ that ignored God.

In March, Noah opened at the No 1 spot at the US box office and has so far taken $182 million (€131 million) worldwide.

Earlier this month, Feder caused outrage after he said gay people in the military ‘armed with vibrators’ were a greater threat than Vladimir Putin.

But he is certainly not the only member of the religious right to believe gay people are somehow responsible for natural disasters.

John McTernan, a Christian preacher, blamed 2012’s Hurricane Sandy on gays.

And a UK politician David Silvester said earlier this year same-sex marriage passing in England and Wales was directly responsible for flooding in the country.