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US pundit says gays have ‘no business’ being Republican

American Family Association's Bryan Fischer has slammed gay right-wing groups such as Log Cabin Republicans

US pundit says gays have ‘no business’ being Republican

A homophobic pundit has said gay people have ‘no business’ being Republican, saying they undermine the ‘pure morals’ of the GOP.

American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer, who supports the criminalization of homosexuality in the US, said gay right-wingers ‘undermine and subvert’ the ‘moral foundations’ of the Republican Party.

Speaking ahead of the Republican National Convention, he slammed the rise of gay groups like the Log Cabin Republicans.

In an interview with Pittsburg Post-Gazette, Fischer said: ‘They have no business being there. Our message to them is that your home is in the Democratic Party.

‘These groups are actively working to undermine and subvert the Republican Party platform and the principles of the Republican Party.’

Fischer pointed to two examples where the ‘gay agenda’ had trumped ‘religious freedom’: the Boston mayor who said Chick-Fil-A did not belong in his city because it discriminates against people, and the Christian photographer who refused to take pictures of a lesbian’s civil ceremony.

‘There is no place for the homosexual agenda,’ he said. ‘The Republican platform is very clean on the issues of marriage family and parenting, and these are people that are actively working against the principles of the party.’

The Log Cabin Republicans say they work to make the party more inclusive, and say opposing gay people is at odds with the Republican core values.

But Fischer believes that younger members of the right-wing party are ‘unaware of the severe dangers to liberty that is posed by the homosexual agenda.’

Both Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, the president and vice-presidential Republican nominee, have voted against same-sex marriage, adoption by gay couples, and a multitude of other gay equality issues.

The Human Rights Group has also criticized the politicians, saying: ‘LGBT Americans need leadership that will continue to fight for their rights to protect their families, marry the person they love, and enjoy equal protections under the law.’

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