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US right wing author compares trans people to anorexic girls and terrorists

US right wing author compares trans people to anorexic girls and terrorists

Far right US author David Kupelian has compared transgender people’s wish to change their gender to anorexic girls being unhappy with their bodies and has suggested that they have been indoctrinated to want to be a different gender like a child who has been indoctrinated to become a terrorist.

Kupelian made the comments in a column for WND, a far right American news website who’s editors are negatively obsessed with LGBT rights issues, entitled ‘Amputating healthy organs the New Normal.’

In the column Kupelian quotes a British anorexic woman about her dissatisfaction with her body.

‘I was convinced I needed to be skinny to look good in a bikini,’ he quotes the woman as saying.

‘I started obsessing about my weight and what I’d look like sunbathing. I was convinced I was too heavy, so I started skipping meals and making myself sick.’

He then compares that to transgender people who seek gender reassignment.

‘Let’s look into the mirror of people suffering from another condition, one increasingly featured in the news and entertainment media, and for which special laws are now being passed all over the country – namely, gender dysphoria,’ Kupelian writes.

‘That’s the new name for what used to be called gender identity disorder, referring to the plight of transgender (or transsexual) people who so strongly identify with the opposite sex that they often undergo major surgery in an attempt to change genders.’

Kupelian then quotes a transgender woman about how she felt about herself before her transition.

‘When I look in the mirror in the morning, before having shaved, it’s certainly a painful experience,’ he quotes her as saying.

‘The immediate reaction I get from my reflection is a feeling of very strong disassociation, accompanied by a kind of shock, confusion, or mental jarring. I have the strong, gut-level sensation that whoever is behind the mirror is not me.’

Kupelian later claims that the high rate of suicide among transgender people is proof they suffer from a disorder rather than a consequence of the prejudice they experience in society.

‘Reality check: Transgenderism (or transsexualism) is not normal,’ Kupelian writes.

‘In fact, it’s so abnormal and unnatural that a staggeringly tragic 41 percent of all transgender individuals living in the United States have attempted to commit suicide.’

Kupelian accused psychiatrists of caving to the bullying of ‘totalitarian’ LGBT rights activists.

‘What would we think if the “anorexia rights lobby” … pushed relentlessly to de-pathologize anorexia, proclaiming it perfectly normal for some girls, though in danger of dying from starvation, to go on starving themselves so as to satisfy their inner feeling that they were fat?’

Kupelian claims transgender people want to switch genders because of indoctrination in the same way that a child might be indoctrinated into wanting to be a suicide bomber.

‘Consider for a moment how children in the Arab-Muslim Middle East develop the “mental illness” of wannabe jihad martyrdom,’ Kupelian writes.

‘How exactly do innocent little kids come to be possessed by such overwhelmingly powerful emotions and beliefs that they’re willing to blow themselves up while murdering innocent strangers – and thinking such a despicable crime is the will of God?

‘If I suggested genetics or biochemical imbalances were responsible, you would laugh. Little jihadists are created when, from an early age, they are continually indoctrinated, intimidated, degraded, rewarded, tempted, lied to, punished, threatened and praised (for reinforcement) – until their little developing minds and emotions are not their own anymore. They have a new implanted identity, very different from the one they were born with.

‘So, if the forces in one child’s home can transform him so totally that, when he looks in a mirror, he sees someone who feels like killing infidels and himself in a glorious “martyrdom operation,” couldn’t the forces in another child’s home (perhaps much more subtle, but nevertheless powerful) transform him or her into a person with feelings and attractions he likewise was not born with – including homosexual or transgender feelings?’

The column was originally published in WND’s Whistleblower magazine in an issue titled ‘The New Sexual Revolution: How the “gay rights” movement has become a Trojan horse for totalitarianism.’

Kupelian accuses the US Republican Party and other right wing media of being too afraid to speak what he thinks is the truth about the LGBT rights movement and its supposed ‘totalitarian’ goals.