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US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton makes LGBT Pride Month video

Says barriers are being broken down, 'but there is still much more to be done' 

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton makes LGBT Pride Month video

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton released an LGBT Pride Month video today (12 June) highlighting areas of progress but pointing out how much still needs to be done.

Starting on a positive note, Clinton says: ‘In the United States and around the world, progress is being made. The tireless advocacy of generations is bending the arc of history. Barriers are being torn down, discriminatory laws repealed, and millions are now able to live more freely and participate in the future of their communities and countries.

Clinton, a former First Lady and US Senator, made history late last year when she addressed the United Nations and called on nations around the world to recognize that ‘gay rights are human rights and human rights are gay rights.’

In her LGBT Pride Month message, she spoke of some highlights in such places as Riga where two U.S. Ambassadors and a Deputy Assistant Secretary marched in solidarity with Baltic Pride and in Nassau where the Embassy joined together with civil society to screen a film about LGBT issues in Caribbean societies.

She also mentioned Albania where the US Embassy is coordinating the first-ever regional Pride conference for diplomats and activists to discuss human rights and shared experiences.

In addition, Clinton touted the Global Equality Fund that she launched last December which she says is helping strengthen ‘support for civil society and programs to protect and promote human rights.’

But as these gains occur, there continues to be horrendous discrimination and violence taking place.

‘Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender men and women continue to be persecuted and attacked,’ Clinton says. ‘They are arrested, beaten, terrorized, and even executed.’

Below is the full video:

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