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US Soccer team celebrates Pride month by wearing rainbow jerseys

US Soccer team celebrates Pride month by wearing rainbow jerseys

The US soccer team will wear rainbow numbers to mark Pride month

The United States official soccer team joined Pride celebrations by giving their jerseys a rainbow-colored makeover.

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Teams have to wear one of their official kit options on the pitch for matches, so US soccer simply turned the players’ numbers into rainbows.

In some posts on the team’s official Instagram account players are also wearing a rainbow version of Nike’s popular Equality-shirts.

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The new kits was first seen in action in Sandy, Utah on Saturday, when the team played Venezuela.

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US Soccer are also selling the jerseys in their official store. The proceeds will go to the You Can Play Project, who work ‘to ensure the safety and inclusion of all in sports – including LGBT athletes’.

Unsurprisingly, the response on social media was mixed with a lot of negative comments under all vaguely Pride-related posts – and even under some where you only catch a glimpse of the rainbow numbers.

‘Was disgusted when I saw this!! Now listen up before you comment,’ said Sean Killeen.

‘I am not for or against anyone! I am all for AMERICA!! So people are allowed to do whatever they want! It’s a free country! But.

‘Our country doesn’t specifically represent the LGBTQ whatever the hell it is.. community. It represents Americans!! So quit putting this on jerseys representing our country!

‘Again I’m all for everyone’s equal rights! I am a 3%er (look it up). But a national team should not be recognizing 1 group in part of rights… how about winning some real games!’

And another user said LGBTI people were not lacking equality.

‘Why does the LGBT community need support? What is your strife? You don’t have any rights that I don’t have as a straight man,’ Bradley John Young wrote.

‘Grow up, stop whining and get on with your lives!’

Others called for a straight pride jersey, oblivious to the fact that straight people are the focus pretty much year-round.

‘Unfollowing U.S. soccer, so when are you going to have a straight pride jersey, stick to soccer and leave politics and pandering to special interest groups for somewhere else,’ said Ann Fontenot Ihli.

‘Could we just have some form of entertainment where we can escape from all of the nonsense, PLEASE?!?!’

A user named Joe Luis said ‘singling one group out and putting them on a pedestal above everyone else’ would not help but hinder equality.

‘But what would I know I’m apparently a bigot, or homophobic or whatever other creative word people can dream up,’ Luis said.

But there were also plenty of support and thank you messages directed at the team.

‘Thank you US soccer for supporting equality!!! It means a lot,’ said Memo Blanquet.

‘Supporting LGBT rights is not a political statement is just supporting human rights. No more hate nor discrimination.’

User Matt Gawel pointed out how US Soccer are raising money for a cause to make sport welcoming to all, no matter their race, gender, or sexual orientation.

‘Props to US Soccer for promoting something [like] inclusion,’ he said.

‘If a rainbow bothers you than you’ve got other problems to deal with.

‘Now if we want to talk about how ugly the jerseys are with or without the rainbow numbers, now we can have a conversation we all can agree on.’

And some users also pointed out this was not the first time US Soccer adaped their numbers to raise awareness for a cause.

‘And people complaining do realize in November they generally do the camo numbers for Veterans, right,’ said a user named Andrea Jones.

‘Quit pissing and moaning because you aren’t a marginalized group getting support and just be happy you dont have to be.’