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US support for gay marriage at highest ever

US support for gay marriage at highest ever

Three in five Americans now support same-sex marriage, a new survey has revealed.

The Wall Street Journal/NBC poll shows figures have almost doubled to 59% since 2004, when only 30% of Americans were in favor of gay people getting married.

Conducted by Republican Bill McInturff and top Democratic consultant Fred Yang, the survey reveals a changing attitude towards supporting gay marriage in America.

The biggest change in opinion was that of Republicans whose support has risen to 40%, from 27% only two years ago.

Conservative support has also grown by 6% as has the support from women, Hispanics and those without college degrees.

Yang said public opinion about gay marriage is changing much faster than the nation’s attitudes did towards interracial marriage, which now is supported by 87% of Americans.

The biggest supporters of allowing same-sex marriage continues to be the Democrats at 74% among voters aged 18-34.

The results may damage the reputation of GOP candidates whose followers have a gay marriage support rating of only 29%. Only 19% of GOP supporters would favor candidates supporting same-sex marriage, with a staggering 50% claiming it would make them less favorable. 

The survey comes amid the build up to the US Supreme Court hearing on 28 April on to decide whether the banning same-sex marriages is prohibited by the US Constitution’s guarantee of equal protection. The result is expected at the end of June.

37 states now recognize same-sex marriages.

The survey of 1,000 adults was conducted 1-5 March. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percentage points. See the poll here.