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US troops in Afghanistan record It Gets Better message

Military joins chorus of positive role models a year after repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell

US troops in Afghanistan record It Gets Better message

Gay and lesbian troops stationed in Bagram, Afghanistan have recorded an It Gets Better message for the project that aims to give hope to LGBT teenagers.

The message is more poignant considering a little over year ago, before the repeal of the Don't Ask Dont Tell policy, a video like that would have seen the troops who appeared in it dismissed from the army.

'It's really hard being accepted to be different but it's even harder to be somebody that you're not,' says Staff Sergeant Shelise Harmon in the video. 'So once you find that group of friends that embrace who you are, just go with the flow. And it gets better.'

After Harmon, Steven Procter, Erin Jones (who also directed), James Velazquez and Curtis Robinson address the camera, the clip ends with a montage to Lady Gaga's Born This Way.

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