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US VP Mike Pence ‘couldn’t be more proud’ of wife teaching at anti-gay school

US VP Mike Pence ‘couldn’t be more proud’ of wife teaching at anti-gay school

Vice President Mike Pence

US Vice President Mike Pence ‘couldn’t be more proud’ of his wife for teaching at a school that require parents sign an anti-gay pledge.

Second Lady Karen Pence teaches at a Christian elementary school in a Virginia suburb of Washington, D.C.

The school won’t enrol children of parents who won’t adhere to the schools’s strict ant-gay stance.

But at a Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday (1 March), the VP said.

‘I couldn’t be more proud’

Pence said his wife has been under attacked from ‘media elites and Hollywood liberals.’

‘My own family recently came under attack just because my wife Karen went back to teach art to children at a Christian school,’ he said.

‘Let me say before all of you, I couldn’t be more proud of my wife.’

Faith is under attack, to Pence

Karen Pence began a part-time job in January teaching art to children at Immanuel Christian School in Northern Virginia.

However, the school explicitly bans LGBTI students and employees under its Christian guidelines.

The controversy, Pence said, underscores ‘the sincerely held belief of millions of Americans who cherish their Christian faith and Christian education.’

What does the school say about LGBTI?

Parents applying to the school must sign a ‘parental agreement.’¬†

The school can ‘refuse admission to an applicant or to discontinue enrollment of a student if the atmosphere or conduct within a particular home, the activities of a parent or guardian,

Alongside other activities contrary to the ‘biblical lifestyle the school teaches.’

While job applicants are required to sign a pledge not to participate in LGBTI activity or acts that are contrary to the ‘unique roles of male and female.’

While some criticized Karen Pence, others praised her.

In particular, US President Trump spoke highly of her decision.

He called her an ‘incredible second lady.’

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