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Utah Mormon starves himself in fight against same-sex marriage

Utah Mormon starves himself in fight against same-sex marriage

A Mormon from Utah is taking a stand against same-sex marriage by holding a hunger strike.


Trestin Meacham, 35, has been living off bottled water and the occasional vitamin pill since December 21 2013 in a stand against equality, saying he was ‘disappointed’ by what he considers to be a ‘tyrannical ruling’ of Judge Shelby to allow same sex marriage.


Meacham, who has lost over 25 lbs during his strike, claims he is fasting to convince Utah to ‘nullify’ the recent decision.


On his hunger strike, Meacham says: ‘You can start a blog and you can complain on social networks until you’re blue in the face and nothing will happen, but actions speak louder than words and I’m taking action.


‘Jefferson made clear that the courts are not the supreme arbitrators of what is and what is not constitutional. The states also have power…. They don’t have to go through the legal court battles and waste our money, they can end it tomorrow with the act of nullification.


In his blog, Meacham explains why he feels it important to fight against equality, saying: ‘I cannot stand by and do nothing while this evil takes root in my home.


‘Some things in life are worth sacrificing one’s health and even life if necessary. I am but a man, and do not have the money and power to make any noticeable influence in our corrupt system. Nevertheless, I can d something that people in power cannot ignore.’


According to Meacham, states can nullify anything which they consider ‘unconstitutional action’ by the federal government.


Utah attorney Greg Skordas disagrees with Meacham’s reasoning, stating that states must recognize constitutional rights granted by the federal government.


Skordas said: ‘If people want to change that they have to go through the appropriate processes… When individual personal liberties are at stake the state can’t infringe on that, even if it’s the will of the people.


Despite his argument not being technically sound, Meacham’s hunger strike has seen support from Utah’s Mormon community, with one blog comparing his fasting to the actions of Mahatma Gandhi