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Stop putting glitter in vaginas and give us something useful

Stop putting glitter in vaginas and give us something useful

#vaginart is the best hashtag on Instagram

There’s been a surge of products for the vagina lately – None of them, useful.

The vagina glitter bomb was honestly ridiculous and was basically begging for a rise in STIs and infections.

Then came the vagina speaker, which made slightly more sense but still made anyone with a vagina wince.

Finally was the vagina highlighter. No, not a highlighter shaped like a vagina. A literal highlighter for your vagina.

This is all fun and games, but at the end of the day it all trivializes the vagina.

Some (immature) gay men already laugh at the vagina, brushing it off as this ugly thing they’d rather die than touch. They don’t need another reason to mock it – Even if it is the body part that produced them.

Why is the vagina not apparently worth actual serious products?

Money is being wasted on these random products when I’m sure anyone who has a period would agree, something to help with that would be great.

It’s complicated and beautiful and often misunderstood.

It causes some women a lot of pain and stress.

A producer at Buzzfeed has documented her vaginal pain often. She lives with multiple conditions which mean any form of penetration leaves her in an unbearable amount of pain.

The pain started when she was 15. It was bearable back then.

She’s now 26 and the pain ’causes me to miss work, to miss friends’ birthday celebrations’ and even miss her own birthday.

I physically find it hard to believe that effort is being put into a scrub for your vagina, and not into helping women who are bed ridden because of their vagina.

While I’m aware, yes obviously it’s a lot easier to make a popping highlighter than some medical thing to cure pain – To reach that cure, there has to be a starting point.

So this is my call out to the ‘vagina product industry.’

At the end of the day, it make take a bit more time to come up with something useful for our vaginas but you will be appreciated a lot more.

Personally, I think it’d be great to get better and proper products to help with ingrown hairs and rashes after shaving/waxing. That’s just me though.

‘If a guy had this issue…’

Queen Whoopi Goldberg herself made an interesting point.

She created a line of period pain products for women, using medical marijuana.

During an interview with Buzzfeed, Whoopi explains the idea came after talking to a friend who ran High Times, a cannabis news source.

She explained: ‘He was telling me about all the people who had gotten into the marijuana space, and I said “is anybody doing anything in menstrual cramps?”

‘And he kinda went “pfft, no”. I went, “really?'”

Her friend claimed nothing had been done because ‘it’s a niche market.’

Whoopi continued, explaining it’s a niche market that has half the population.

‘We’re still doing this? It’s kind of shocking,’ she asked.

Then came Whoopi’s important point.

She said: ‘If a guy had these cramps, if a guy had this issue, there would be all kinds of shit out there for them.’

Where’s the lie though?

We need more people to be like Whoopi and make actually helpful things, things that people and their vagina’s need.

No more glitter or highlighter. No more silly speakers. Give us stuff we want to use on the reg, please and thank you.