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Marvel cut a scene referencing a character’s bisexuality from Thor: Ragnarok

Marvel cut a scene referencing a character’s bisexuality from Thor: Ragnarok

Tessa Thompson plays Valkyrie

Marvel deleted a scene which would have explicitly referenced a character’s bisexuality.

Actress Tessa Thompson plays the character Valkyrie in Thor: Ragnarok.

She has previously tweeted her character Valkyrie is bisexual.

Valkyrie would be the first on-screen LGBTI character for Marvel.

Thompson explained during an interview with Rolling Stone she encouraged director Waititi to make Valkyrie bisexual.

The actress based her character’s bisexuality on comic book Valkyrie’s relationships with anthropologist Annabelle Riggs.

Thompson described a ‘great illustration’ of the couple kissing.

She successfully convinced Waititi to shoot a glimpse of a woman walking out of Valkyrie’s bedroom.

Rolling Stone adds Waititi kept the scene in the film for as long as he could.

The moment was cut eventually.

It was said to have ‘distracted from the scene’s vital exposition’

Thompson still 

Thompson continued: ‘There were things that we talked about that we allowed to exist in the characterization, but maybe not be explicit in the film.’

She recalls a scene where her character is mourning the deaths of her warrior clan.

Thompson adds: ‘There’s a great shot of me falling back from one of my sisters who’s just been slain,

In my mind, that was my lover.’

People accused Tessa Thompson’s character of being a ‘typical sexless marvel tomboy.’

She tweeted to inform fans her character was bisexual, just as Valkyrie is in the Marvel comics.

The actress explained in the Rolling Stone interview, she played the character in the mindset that she was ‘canonically bisexual.’