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Vanessa Morgan talks playing Riverdale’s first bi character, Toni Topaz

Vanessa Morgan talks playing Riverdale’s first bi character, Toni Topaz

Vanessa Morgan in a faux-fur coat

Actress Vanessa Morgan say’s Riverdale is a show to which everyone else should ‘follow suit.’

Vanessa recently spoke to Cosmopolitan about her bisexual character Toni Topaz.

Cosmopolitan celebrated that Riverdale had explicitly confirmed Toni’s bisexuality.

The actress explained she didn’t know they were making Toni bisexual until the press release.

However, she knew the character Toni Topaz was bisexual in the comics Riverdale is based on, Archie Comics.

She said: ‘I was so excited when I found out. I find in TV, you don’t see bisexual characters a lot.

‘When people see “bisexual,” they still confuse it with promiscuity, which is so wrong. So I was so pumped to be the first bisexual on Riverdale and just normalize that for viewers.’

Vanessa than explained she was ‘super pumped’ to be part of a show that is so diverse.

‘It’s casting characters that every person can relate to — having bisexual and gay characters, all ethnicities.

She described Riverdale as ‘up to date with what is the new world and what is 2017. ‘

‘A lot of shows should follow suit, because there are a lot of shows where they don’t have that. They don’t have anything,’ she continued.

The actress recalls growing up as biracial and having no one to look up to when she was watching television.

‘Halle Berry was the closest one who looked like me. I’m happy to see more biracial people on screen, and I’m happy to represent for the little girls who didn’t have someone who looked like me on TV,’ Vanessa added.

This was the 1st time I put on my Serpent Jacket in my trailer. Not gonna lie.. it felt pretty bad ass🐍🐍 Crazy-intense new episode Tonight !!! On @thecwriverdale | Photo: VanessaMorgan Instagram

Bughead fans vs Toni

Riverdale characters Betty and Jughead are a popular pairing.

When Vanessa’s character Toni joined the shop, fans of Betty and Jughead’s relationship (Known as Bughead) sent the actress threats.

But she never took any of the threats seriously because it just means fans are ‘passionate about the show.’

‘When everyone was like, “Oh, you’re interfering with Bughead,” I already knew that, because my character was actually more into girls, it wasn’t going to be an end-all, ruining Bughead thing,’ Vanessa explained.

‘With Toni and Jughead, she wasn’t trying to be deceitful to lure him into the Serpents, to seduce him. They get along as friends, and they had a rough day.

‘They were connecting, and he said he was over Betty, and you know, “we’re” teenagers and hooked up.’

Vanessa said she’s ‘been through the ringer’ with Bughead fans but is relieved fans now know Toni isn’t interested in Jughead in that way.

People don’t see her as a threat to Jughead now they know Toni is ‘more into girls.’

Vanessa points out however: ‘Sexuality is a spectrum; it doesn’t mean my character isn’t also into guys.

‘But the tone has definitely changed. It’s so funny that all the people who were saying “die” are now like, “love you!”‘

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