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Vatican Radio site posts, then removes photo of lesbian kiss

Vatican Radio site posts, then removes photo of lesbian kiss

Screenshot of the Radio Vatican article, which was taken and censored by a Catholic extremist website.

The German version the Vatican Radio website posted, then removed a photo of two women kissing – only to re-upload the same image and delete it again.

The image accompanied an article titled Church’s Sexual Morality is in Motion, which was published on . It was then deleted on Saturday after readers called attention to the photo, only to be re-uploaded on Monday. It has since been removed again.

Veteran Vatican reporter Edward Pentin first spotted the picture and tweeted that Vatican Radio had opted for a ‘remarkable choice of photo’ and noted the ‘uncritical’ content of the article.

The article quotes Martin Lintner, president of the European Society for Catholic Theology, who believes sexuality will be ‘increasingly perceived in its personal and holistic dimension,’ rather than the traditional procreative one.

He added that the Synod on the Family evidenced a ‘rethinking’ of the Church’s attutide toward homosexuality.

The German site reflects the views of the German-speaking hierarchy, which is the most liberal on sexual morality.