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Lesbian who starved, beat and murdered girlfriend given life sentence

Lesbian who starved, beat and murdered girlfriend given life sentence

Becky Reid will serve a minimum of 20 years

Manchester Crown Court sentenced a woman with a life sentence after she starved, beat and murdered her girlfriend.

Becky Reid, 32, will serve a minimum of 20 years.

She subjected her girlfriend, Lyndsey Vaux, to years of beatings.

The trial lasted six weeks.

Vaux died in Wigan, Manchester on 22 May last year.

She was half-starved and severely injured.

Her relationship was family and friends diminished after meeting Reid in 2011.

Prior to her relationship with Reid, Vaux had been described as ‘a happy and healthy woman.’

A postmortem revealed Vaux had suffered 90 separate injuries.

The combined impacted of these multiple injuries over several months was ruled as the cause of death.

The prosecutor described as the manager of the local shop would often see Vaux on the CCTV climbing into the bins at the back of the store to look for food they had thrown away.

Greater Manchester Police released CCTV footage of Lyndsey Vaux in a local store looking ill and gaunt. It had been filmed the day before her death.

Watch the video below.

Reid claimed Vaux had a ‘thyroid problem’ as a cover up

Neighbours and friends shared accounts of witnessing Reid beat Vaux.

They described how Vaux would regularly be seen with multiple injuries including black eyes, cuts to the lip, a cauliflower ear, bruising to the face and body, and a heavy limp.

One neighbour told of how they once saw Vaux stood in front of her house and Reid was stood in the doorway. She attacked Vaux, punching and kicking her to the ground, before dragging her into the house.

Becky Reid preposterously put down to the victim’s frequently falling over due to a thyroid problem and her refusal to take medication

Reid would often explain the bruises and injuries happened because Vaux frequently fell over.

She said the Vaux had a thyroid problem but would not take medication for it.

Blood ‘all around her mouth’

The court heart that Reid’s mother told one of Vaux’s friends that she and her daughter had been ‘trying to get rid of Lyndsey for six years.’

A local resident reported seeing Vaux with blood ‘all around her mouth’, standing barefoot on the road.

Later the same night, another resident reported seeing her lying on the road.

This witness then ‘checked outside at regular intervals, noticing each time that Lyndsey had moved slightly towards her own house but was still on the ground.

‘Then he heard a dragging noise and on looking out again saw her legs being dragged along the floor towards her house.

‘He could not tell whether she was dragging herself or being dragged by another person. The door to number 23 (Sydney Street) then slammed shut.’

One neighbor reported being woken at around 4am by the sound of Reid ‘shouting and ordering Lyndsey back to the house.’

Another neighbor reported being woken up at 5:23am by banging and a scream.

This was right before a call was made to 999 about Vaux.

Becky Reid’s mother, Gillian Reid, can be heard telling the operator Vaux had collapsed and was making ‘gurgling noises.’ She described how Vaux was ‘breathing slowly’ and was ‘turning blue.’

Paramedics arrived to find Vaux not breathing.

They managed to resuscitate her but she never regained consciousness and was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

The court heard how in 2008, Gillian and Becky Reid attacked another woman and left her with facial fractures.