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Vegan group says ‘chemical pollutants’ makes people gay and trans

Vegan group says ‘chemical pollutants’ makes people gay and trans

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A Welsh vegan group has come under intense backlash for saying ‘chemical pollutants’ make people gay or trans.

The Pembrokeshire vegan organic group made the controversial comments in a since deleted Facebook post.

‘When people understand that sexual development problems are caused by synthetic chemical pollutants, then they can accept how teaching gender in schools is promoting the most backwards and corrupt system possible,’ read the post.

‘The promotion of gay and trans is the promotion of sexual development disorders, caused by environmental pollutants and media and educational manipulation.

‘The promotion of homosexuality and gender at children tries to promote the view that transgender and homosexuality are natural and healthy lifestyle choices, which is not true.’

In the same post it said that nobody ‘should be hated or attacked’ for being gay or trans. But ‘there is nothing natural or healthy about wanting to be the opposite from what we are born’.

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| Photo: Facebook/Pembrokeshire vegan organic

Public backlash

After the post people inundated the page with comments and photos of rainbow flags. Many gave the groups one star reviews saying they were inciting hate speech.

‘Ranty and self righteous at best, inciteful of hatred at worst,’ wrote one Facebook user.

Many vegans took to the page to say it does not represent the view of all vegans.

‘As a Vegan I wanted to express with the utmost sincerity that the wider community shouldn’t be judged by the actions, or associated with the homophobic, transphobic pseudoscientific bullshit that Pembrokeshire come out with,’ wrote one Facebook user.

‘From the bottom of my heart – fuck these guys.’

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